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United Way of Roanoke Valley Condemns the Cruelty and Injustices of Systemic Racism

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a disparate impact on minority populations in our country. Following the recent shootings of Asian American women in Atlanta, United Way of Roanoke Valley stands in solidarity against brutal acts of intolerance against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). We must protect people who are being targeted and wrongly blamed for a deadly virus that does not recognize race, age, gender or social status.

“As an Asian American immigrant myself, it is disheartening to repeatedly see incidents of hatred, violence, and racism experienced by minorities and people of color,” said Abby Hamilton, President & CEO of UWRV. “I am grateful and proud that our Board and staff at UWRV has had a longstanding organizational commitment to treat every person with respect and dignity; and that every day we are actively working with partners to identify, confront, and end all forms of racism in our community.”

No one should ever experience such acts of hatred or be forced to live their lives in fear of xenophobic violence. All people of all backgrounds must call out racism and discrimination and demand its removal from our society.

We invite you to learn about anti-Asian discrimination and violence through the following resources:

Guide to Bystander Intervention

Report Violence and Harassment


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