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Black Father Family

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Empowering Fathers for thriving families

The United Way of Roanoke Valley is excited to announce a new partnership, the Black Father Family Initiative. 

Black Father Family Initiative Virtual Press Kit


Thriving Black: Children, Families and Communities


The Black Father Family Initiative creates a space for Black fathers to find meaningful connections, support and resources to promote the health, well-being and success of children, families and communities.

Guiding Principles


We guide Black men along the path to responsible parenting.


We educate policymakers on a local, state, and national level around the importance of Black father involvement in challenging systemic and societal barriers.


We establish trusted social capital to reach Black fathers where they are, assisting them in building community.


We measure impact from the lens of public health and direct resources toward proven outcomes that benefit Black whole-family success.


We share our expertise to enhance and prop up services and support for Black fathers, children, families and communities.

The Work

As we look to develop programming inclusive of community, informed by stakeholders, and influenced by parents and caregivers; please consider participating in one of our monthly focus groups: 

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“Black Father Family believes strong communities are sustained by thriving families, and the key to those families success is an empowered father. We look forward to this journey with United Way of Roanoke Valley to elevate 10,000 families to self-sufficiency by equipping the fathers of those families.”

- Ryan Bell, United Way of Roanoke Valley
   Founder Emeritus/Senior Advisor, Black Father Family


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