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Impact Snapshot 2023-2024

Centennial Team Shot Photo Credit: Tiffany Jones - Legacy Photography
March 29, 2024

Impact Snapshot 2023-2024

Early Learners

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1,321 Educators

received training to ensure quality childcare is accessible to families in the region

190+ Childcare Centers

received support to provide high quality care and education to young children

500+ Infants & Parents

received preventative medical and dental care

250+ Families

gained access to services that reduced barriers to their child’s success

Successful Youth

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377 Youth

participated in after-school enrichment programs

150 Students

received after-school tutoring that supports the education they receive in their schools

200 Youth

received after-school counseling by qualified mental health staff

200+ Parents

participated in after-school activities that brought families together

Empowered Adults

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500+ Adults

were connected to essential resources to improve their health and self-sufficiency

60 Seniors

received valuable resources provided by UWRV Community Health Workers

200 Adults

participated in training programs to improve their job skills

100% of Adults

that got a job through our collaborative employment program were hired at a living wage

Our Vision: Elevate 10,000 families to self-sufficiency by 2030.