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Something for Everyone!
Two volunteers stocking a free pantry
August 3, 2021

United Way of Roanoke Valley invites the community to help us put our mission into action and LIVE UNITED, as part of the annual global day of volunteering.

This year, UWRV is building and installing Little Free Pantries at locations throughout the Roanoke Valley and Franklin County, in a grassroots movement to engage people in fighting food insecurity. These mini-pantries are not a solution to food insecurity or food deserts, but they do provide easy, anonymous access to food and basic need products.

Volunteers are needed to help build, paint and install the pantries.  Those looking for more socially-distant activities are asked to donate shelf-stable food and supplies used for stocking the pantries.  Pantry builds are now underway and will continue until the pantries officially open in neighborhoods on June 18, 2021.

In another project June 19, UWRV volunteers will be painting birdhouses to be installed at two area senior living facilities, South Roanoke Nursing Home and Richfield Living, in hopes of spreading joy and happiness to senior residents of those communities.  Volunteers are also needed for the birdhouse installations on June 25th.

Please help by sharing the following group and solo volunteer opportunities:

  • BUILD Little Free Pantries

  • SHARE food and supplies with those in need

  • ADOPT a pantry

  • PAINT birdhouses

  • GIVE your time, muscle or know-how


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