Family in a tent looking at a book

Stable Families

Programs and support for local families

Help Everyone in Roanoke Valley Thrive

Your donation helps more people thrive. Thank you for making our community stronger!

All Families Deserve to Be Self-Sustainable

Healthy families are strong families. And strong families make strong communities. 

With your support, we're helping our neighbors who've found themselves newly unemployed, with no idea how they're going to make rent or even put food on the table for their children. 

United Way of Roanoke Valley upholds these principles in our work to help elevate struggling families to long-term self-sufficiency.

  • We believe that people want to and are able to break the cycle of poverty.

  • We focus on authentic and diversified partnerships with families.

  • We know that advancement paths must be culturally integrated.

  • We must ensure measurable success as driven by collaborative partnerships.

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